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Strategic HPAPI Project Support

Potent API (PAPI) and Highly Potent API (HPAPI) projects, are by their very nature highly capital intensive.  All too often companies make large investments based on “emotional” positioning and an incomplete understanding of hazard, exposure potential and therefore true worker and commercial business risk.  Accurately understanding hazard and risk leads to design and delivery based on systematic, scientific and evidence-based rationales thereby protecting investments and helping building assets instead of liabilities.  HPAPI Project Services can help you get the fundamentals right and ensure integration of good business HPAPI elements within projects.  Key services include:


  • Executive briefings - framing potent drug safety in a business context and helping get the big decisions right

  • Bespoke project and facility strategic HPAPI advice

  • Conceptual design team advice and participation

  • Detailed design and implementation advice at milestones

  • HPAPI work at commissioning, services procurement and downstream stages, including procurement and interpretation of key projects skills such as toxicology, control/containment engineering and industrial/occupational hygiene

  • Management and review of third-party work

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