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About Us

HPAPI Project Support
Our objective is to support (bio)pharma companies in integrating potent API occupational health and safety management into business decision-making, in a systematic, scientific and business-focussed manner.
Unlike the rigid scientific approach taken to control biopharmaceutical product safety, all too often, the "emotional" dominates when managing occupational H&S.  Robust scientific, evidence-based and data-driven decision making, at project conceptual, scoping, planning and delivery stages, should mean that companies design, invest and deliver better.
For over 22 years, Justin Mason-Home has been a recognised expert in supporting biopharmaceutical companies in problem solving and in the pragmatic delivery of potent API projects. He has contributed professional scientific advice and been involved in some of the most complex and highest potency biopharma projects in the world.
HPAPI Project Services offer a high level and practically-focussed resource, to support (bio)pharma companies design, develop and deliver potent and HPAPI chemical and pharmaceutical projects; from R&D, scale-up and formulation development, right through to full scale manufacturing.
Justin Mason-Home, FRSC

Justin Mason-Home is an organic chemist and Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry in the UK.

Justin has extensive and high-level experience in strategic and practical management of occupational health and safety in the biopharmaceutical and others industries. In addition, he has extensive experience in technical, legal, and commercial aspects of health and safety, environmental consulting, chemistry (R&D, scale-up and full scale manufacturing) and has occupied board level positions in consulting firms and within a biotechnology company.

For over 11 years, Mr Mason-Home was the Managing Director of the European operations of a well known pharmaceutical occupational health and safety consulting firm. With a high level of process understanding and practical application of occupational health, safety and environmental management in a business and commercial setting, he specialises in technically complex and strategic projects.  He has managed and been responsible for major and complex projects involving ultra-potent materials, health effects in workers and high commercial impact and business sensitive matters, including defending regulatory prosecutions and public safety matters.

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