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Risk Assessment (RA)

'Risk assessment' is possibly one of the most commonly misunderstood and poorly used management techniques in the PAPI and HPAPI sector.  Most health and safety regulatory jurisdictions demand risk assessments as part of worker and environmental protection.


Effective risk assessment demands a full understanding of both intrinsic pharmaceutical toxicological hazard and operational factors which drive exposure potential.  Together, these influence both engineering controls (including containment) – “hardware” and techniques/management/training/awareness (“software”), which in concert can deliver both a compliant and safe working environment.


To undertake RA effectively, a fundamental and detailed understanding of chemical and pharmaceutical process and chemical engineering is a pre-requisite.  Key services offered include:

  • Quantitative toxicological hazard assessment

  • PAPI and HPAPI chemical and pharmaceutical process reviews along with engineering project teams

  • Process exposure potential assessment, including reviewing handling operations, mass transport drivers (exposure potential), control and containment measures employed, management techniques (including SOPs), worker skills (training), etc

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