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PAPIs and HPAPIs are the most difficult and complex hazardous materials to handle in global manufacturing settings.  Robust, reliable and low-cost monitoring methods that are available for other high hazard materials such as toxic gases, toxic volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and radiation are not available for PAPIs and HPAPIs.  Health relevant quantities of PAPIs and HPAPIs are beyond all human perception and dealing with such highly toxic materials is non-intuitive to most people.  To put it another way, you can have the most highly contained, well designed facility, but if the people operating it are not aware of risk or do not manage risks well, exposure can still take place.  Companies should aim to not have a risk averse or risk “blasé” workforce, but a risk aware workforce at all company levels.  Key services include:

  • Tailored HPAPI training course development and delivery

  • Multi-discipline training within the same project

    • Management

    • Engineers

    • Scientists

    • Operators

  • Training course development and "train-the-trainer" for ongoing internal training delivery

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