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Justin Mason-Home to Deliver HPAPI Workshop at World ADC 2022, London [Completed]

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

The 12th Annual World ADC London returns in 2022 as Europe’s longest standing and definitive antibody-drug conjugate event. Covering all aspects of ADC development from discovery through to late stage manufacturing the four-day, four-streamed agenda has been created to address the most important challenges in bringing next generation of clinically impactful ADCs to the hands of patients.

As some ADCs toxicants are highly potent and toxic, establishment and maintenance of measures to ensure a safe workplace environment for developing hazardous ADC components is imperative.

This workshop will explore health and safety management systems that have been honed over many years for highly potent pharmaceutical substances. The discussion will concentrate on both ADC R&D and manufacturing working environments for all ADC components.

Attend this workshop to learn how to manage occupational health and safety within ADC projects effectively, including discussing strategic ADC project business matters, operational elements and costs; investigate hazards, risks and controls including containment; and explore safe design of ADC facilities, processes and equipment.

The workshop will be delivered by:

  • Justin Mason-Home, Owner/Director, HPAPI Project Services Limited

  • Peter Marshall, Retired, Ex-AstraZeneca

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